Glory and praise to God, who in His inexplicable grace, has counted us among such great minds as Tatian, Broadus, Robertson, Cheney, Christianson, to mention the few known to us through their works, who saw the FOOTPRINTS OF JESUS CHRIST as it is: a single unbroken full love story. Following the concise versions and interlinears, we have produced a short but complete four-view synchromatched, easy-to-read story, with better than fifty percent word economy; and therefore, reading time savings for quick understanding, and what is more? A translation as close as can be to the original texts.
Our sincere gratitude is here expressed to numerous others for their inestimable contributions to the success of this endeavor.
We are further trusting the ability of the same God to place this work at the reach of every living mortal.

Yomi Falade